Name Your Poison | Taproom Travelers

June 8th was National Name Your Poison Day! Over the years, bartenders have coined the phrase, “name your poison” when asking patrons what they would like to drink. Although the origin of the phrase is unknown, it’s believed to have referred to making a choice from some less than desirable options. Luckily with all the breweries popping up in the midwest we have much better options today. We are able to hop from brewery to brewery sampling craft beers that are just not available in the mainstream beer market. Now you get an Ale made with Cap’n Crunch at a place like Reads Landing or a French Toast inspired brew from Pitchfork Brewing. But beyond that, much like that feeling one gets from watching bars and pubs in old westerns or prohibition gangster flicks, taprooms today have taken on personalities of their own. They are more than just a place to drink delicious craft beer, they are a place where we can meet likeminded individuals and relax after a hard days work. And if you are lucky you may even get to see a cannon shot off at Valkyrie Brewing. That’s right I said Cannon! They’re a wild bunch up there! You can start your exploring by viewing our Episodes, but much like fine art we strongly recommend seeing all these gems in person.

Even though Name Your Poison Day was yesterday, we still want to know your beverage of choice. tweet #NameYourPoison‬ @TapRmTravelers or find us here on Facebook.