About | Taproom Travelers


Beer is what we drink, Video is what we do.

The Taproom Travelers are a group of seven unique individuals all with a passion for beer, travel, video and marketing. Whether you are a fellow beer enthusiast looking for that hidden gem in the midwest brew scene or a brewery looking to spread the word about your business…. we are here to help!  We are constantly scanning the horizon to uncover all the treasures of the midwest!

Specializing in all things media and beer, we are armed with some pretty awesome equipment, a passion for learning and a commitment to drinking as much beer as it takes. The Taproom Travelers have forged out onto a beer-venture of epic proportions testing and tasting copious amounts of beer to spread the good word to you, our fellow traveler. Its a tough job but someone has to do it!

Check back often for new episodes and let us know any hidden gems you would like featured here.