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The Team

Troy LaBair

Producer, Director, Videographer

  • Muppet 50%
  • Man 50%
  • Perfectionist 100%

Landon Cerny

Producer, Director, Videographer, “The Voice”
I originally hail from the middle of nowhere (or at least near there), and I have a taste for the stouts, bocks, lagers and pilsners of the world. I’ve had a mixed relationship with beer my whole life. Where I grew up there wasn’t anything that was considered a “craft” beer, so it was a mix of Coors Light, Original and whatever other adjunct lager that was available. The darkest beer that was around was Michelob Amber Bock, which to be honest is neither amber nor much of a bock. I am from a family of drinking beer only when it is hot and the rest of the time was spent drinking whiskey, so when I was introduced to a wider range of beer it was a eye opening experience. I’ve discovered while living here that has become my favorite would have to be the Bourbon Barrel Stout from Central Waters.  It’s got a very nice, but not too harsh finish and if you are a bourbon drinker it’s sure to satisfy. Plus it’s the best of both my worlds, beer and whiskey. Thank ya’ll for stopping by, I hope you enjoy what we’ve got for ya here. Ya’ll come back now ya hear?

  • Beer Drinking 80%
  • Cow-wrangling 60%
  • Corn Huskers Fan 90%

Jake Hrudka

Videographer, Editor, Creative Director
Although I’ve been drinking beer for ten plus years, I’m fairly new to the beer aficionado game. I’m eager to test out as many different types of beers as possible to further my beer knowledge. That’s just a sacrifice I’m willing to make!

Even though this isn’t a fancy obscure hipster choice, my favorite beer is Leinie’s Red.

  • Beer Snob 40%
  • Jock 60%
  • Bon Iver Fanboy 80%

Alex Drogseth

Editor, Sound
Hailing from little-town nowhere in Wisconsin, Alex is in the all-things-video-and-technical-guru who speaks the language of beer and technology. His beer style of-choice is the IPA but he has an adventurous palette that crosses the spectrum of alcohol into wine and liquor.

  • Nerd 60%
  • Beer Snob 90%
  • Jock 5%

Andy Hoffman

Videographer, Writer, Social Media
I like to consider my first beer as the one I had in Munich Germany during my high school senior trip. There might have been others before it, but I count that one as my first. I think it’s because of this that I prefer lagers such as bocks and Oktoberfests/Märzens. I think if I had to choose my favorite, I’d say Paulaner’s Oktoberfest is somewhere close to the top. That doesn’t mean I’ll turn down a good ale or stout, though. My taste in beer is still developing, and I’ll try anything that’s recommended to me to help develop it further.

  • Beer Purist 70%
  • Wordsmith 80%
  • Intern 30%

Adam Kastonek

Videographer, Editor, Social Media
I’m considered the beer rookie of the group. My first experience with beer was a disastrous one, mistakingly taking a drink of my grandpa’s Buckhorn Beer when I was four. This was enough to throw me off course for the next 25 years. The guys call me an Appletini drinker but I’ve become more adventurous in my selection of brews and now enjoy Stouts, Porters and Black IPA.

  • Canadian 40%
  • Flexbile (literally) 80%
  • Perfectionist 50%

Steph LaBair

Design, Marketing
Just for a change of pace, I do NOT come from the middle of nowhere but rather from outside of Pittsburgh, PA. I ended up in Wisconsin after a confusing series of events that involves London, a stuffed animal, meeting a guy, and UW-Stout. Now I am assimilating to Midwest life and there is one thing that we all have in common and that is beer.

My dad has brewed beer since before I could legally imbibe so there was an expectation about the quality and type of beer I was going to drink. I started with the soft stuff ( wheat beers mostly, with some english ales) but have since taken a hard turn to hopville. I’ll say it: My name is Steph and I’m a hop head (deal with it Landon).

  • IPA Snob 90%
  • Token Girl 95%
  • Jock 75%